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Dekora Interiors is an Interior Design firm specialize in 

My mission is to help you get a room that accomplish your dreams, lifestyle and budget. 
My main focus is to guide you through the process, NOTHING should stop you from living the life your and our loved ones deserve. And I'm here to help you start from your interiors...





Lifestyle Blogger, Interior Designer, Architect, Fashion & Beauty Lover... Dreamer Currently livin' my best life in Miami, Florida *whoop* I was actually born and raised on Maracaibo, Venezuela. There, I graduated from the School of Architecture and my career journey began in the world of interior design...

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Sometimes understanding your style could be overwhelming. Take the quiz and find about your style to help you define your selections. Either home, office or your new shop. Be prepare and have a guide to success with your decoration!

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E-design is an accessible alternative of interior design where we work online via email and others software platforms. This service gives you an opportunity to transform the look of any room in a way that fits your style, timeline, location and most of all, your budget. We can work on a single room or multiple! Dekora Interiors offers different e-design packages  ranging from full room e-design to virtual consultations.

As interior designer I feel that I don't need to enhance my style. The project will always be a design for you and the reflection of your personality and lifestyle. I'll always work to keep everything comfortable for the users, workable and justly to it use. Together we can always be open to pull pieces from different styles and blend them all to create a clean-lined, balance and well design that fits you and your family. My main focus is creating and giving solutions for you to feel confortable on the journey of your project. So If you find yourself wanting to design under these guidelines, you’re in the right place!

No matter the package you choose, you can always expect excellent communication (you'll hear from me within one business day unless otherwise stated). Are you ready to have some fun working together? 

Ready to make your interiors a place you love? 

Scroll on down to read more about my e-design services and see if we’re a good fit for each other!


space planning

Need help figuring out how to lay out and set up your room?

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I’ll help you create a floor plan that makes the best use of your space, maintains good flow,  Having a vision for how to set up your room along with the dimensions of the pieces you need to look for will help you create a space that feels perfect and fits your style. This will guide you to be a smart shopper, and prevent costly mistakes. We'll work with your existing furniture and/or provide recommendations to complete the space, if you require. If you're starting from scratch with an empty room, that's works totally fine too. Just let me know in which phase of the design you are and I[ll work with it!

starting from $180

Transparent flat fee pricing, you know exactly what you'll be paying - no surprises here. 

full room e-design

no matter your location or time, are you Ready to give  a brand new look to a room?

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The full room e-design package it's perfect for you. We’ll work together to create a custom design for your room from the ground up. You'll fill out an informational survey about your project needs and requirements, you'll provide photos, measurements, and inspiration images, and then we'll be ready to have our first meeting! The timeline for this package varies, but after our first meet up and with all information in hand, it typically takes about 1-2 weeks for me to put together an initial design for a single room.
I’ll share it with you all the design process via my private client portal where you’ll be able to offer feedback and comments. I’ll provide up to three additional options for each piece to refine the design if needed. Once the design is finalized, you'll receive a shopping list and a detail layouts so you can purchase the pieces and make your brand, new and beautiful room a reality!

starting from $235


do you just need to get some design advice? 

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Maybe you have a design dilemmas in different areas of your home that needs to be solve, or maybe you have ideas but you still need a second opinion to make sure you’re on the right track with a project. Whatever your need is, we can talk about it over a video call! After our conversation, I’ll get and follow up information to you that will include ideas, product recommendations, and/or inspiration mood board to help you move forward with your project(s).

Please be aware that any product recommendations are meant to be inspiration only. Always verify to make sure the furniture or decor is the right fit for your home in regards to style, size, and scale.

starting from $85


I'll always be glad to help you with any project, in any residential space over the South Florida Area. One of my goals with Dekora Interiors is to help you get an affordable & well-design room.. That's the reason why I don't focus on Full Design Services, but I've created Packages to offer you E-Decor on OnSite Support.

Local and ready to start a Room design ?

Check the different packages I offer and see in which we're a good fit for each other!

on- site consulting

starting from $125

Maybe you have a design dilemmas in different areas of your home, or maybe you have ideas but you still need a second opinion to make sure you’re on the right track with a project. In this 120 minute consultation, I can assess any room in your house, or as many rooms as time allow us. Services include an assessment, and design concept during the visit.
After our conversation, I’ll email you a follow up information that will include ideas, product recommendations, and/or inspiration mood board to help you move forward with your project(s). 


You can conveniently book and prepay services online!
FIND THE ONE YOU NEED once you start booking!

book consultation

Book your design consultation Today!

set up A room together!

starting from $275

I’ll help you placing everything together to give shape and best directions of the pieces you already purchase. Together we can layout your vision and I'll give you the guide and hand to create a space thar feels perfect and fits your style. 

If you're starting from scratch and need help selecting furniture, check out my Full E-Decor Services....



I'll be glad to help you! Send me a message and I'll get back to you shorlty.

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